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Year 2014 Site Updates - by MaryD 16/01/2014 @ 17:44
  • 04/20/2014 - Modified the News page.
  • 04/20/2014 - Uploaded and Installed Guppy CMS 5.03 patch
  • 04/04/2014 - Uploaded and Installed Guppy CMS 5.02 patch
  • 03/24/2014 - Redesigned the layout of the site
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the About page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Archives page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Advertise w/ us page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Artwork page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the DMCA page
  • 03/24/2014 - Modified the Downloads page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the E-book page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Library page
  • 03/24/2014 - Modified the Links page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Link to us page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Marketplace page
  • 03/24/2014 - Modified the Media page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Syndicated Photos page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Privacy page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Shop page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Syndicated Articles  page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Submissions page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Terms of Service page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Community Guidelines page
  • 03/24/2014 - Added the Videos page
  • 03/22/2014 - Migrated the database from the old Guppy CMS 4.6.28 to Guppy CMS 5.01
  • 03/22/2014 - Uploaded and Installed Guppy CMS 5.01
  • 03/22/2014 - Purged the site
  • 01/16/2014 - Updated the year in the footer of this site.
  • 01/16/2014 - Approved added blog posts by people recommending sites to checkout.
  • 01/16/2014 - Updated HOW TO blog about a website! blog post.
  • 01/16/2014 - Added Year 2014 Site Updates to news page.

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The 5 last notes
HOW TO blog about a website on  -  by MaryD

We depend on the suggestions we get from you folks. Here's an explanation of the best way to get a link published here:


  1. Do use the Write a post in the blog button
    The blog submit form gets sent to all editors, quadrupling your chances of getting your link posted. It pre-formats your suggestion for easy posting. It helps us sort through and categorize our mail, ensuring your suggestion isn't lost in the shuffle. Half the time when we get a link suggestion by email, we can't figure out whether it's spam, a suggestion or just something the sender thinks we might want to look at. We never, ever post suggestions we get by email -- only stuff that comes in via the form.


  2. Do describe the link
    This is the second most important thing to do if you want your suggestion to show up on Tell us what the link is, and why you think we'll be interested. We get a lot of suggestions and we visit a lot of sites and life is too short to click on links that we've probably already seen -- if you can't be bothered to describe the link, we won't be bothered to look at it.


  3. Do include your email
    It's optional, but if you send us a suggestion and don't include an email address, then we can't write back to you with questions and clarifications. (We don't publish your email address, we don't spam your email address)


  4. Do include your URL
    If you have a URL that you'd like us to link back to in the attribution section, include it in the form, and remember the http:// !


  5. Do post unique blog post
    Post about your website in your own words. We do use



  1. Don't submit links by email
    See Do number 1: we mean it. Sending stuff by the form is the only way to suggest a link for No exceptions.


  2. Don't follow up your submissions with email
    Don't send us emails telling us you sent us links -- we get thousands of emails and getting your suggestion and your reminder of your suggestion just adds work. We look at every submission we get.


  3. Don't be cute in your description
    Don't be cryptic in your description, don't obscure it with humor, don't bury the description under paragraphs of preamble about something that's not the link.


  4. Don't send in stuff without links
    If you saw something cool on TV or received something interesting in email, you need to either find it on the Web or publish it on the Web before suggesting it. publishes links -- so if there's no link, there's not much chance we'll link to it.

We know how much fun it is to share cool links with other people and we're really glad when you choose to share them with us. But when you send us links without describing them, or by email, or when you send in followups, or write confusing descriptions, you're wasting your time. The best way to get something on is to try to do what we try to do: find something interesting, write an informative blurb about it, and send it along.

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Published on 19/11/2013 @ 23:43  - none comment none comment - View ? Add yours ?   Preview   Print...   Top

10 Advantages of Water Jet Cutting Compared With Other cutting methods: Waterjet

1. Water Jet Cutting can nearly cut any material you need cut.
2. Water Jet Cutting will produce a high quality edge finish which will look sand blasted.
3. Water Jet Cutting doesn’t cause any bad effects to your material from heat like other cutting processes ie laser cutting and plasma cutting cause.
4. Water Jet Cutting doesn’t create any bad environmental side effects like smoke, or poisons like other cutting processes create.
5. Water Jet Cutting doesn’t have any wasted time from tool changes or any tool costs to pass onto you, the customer.
6. Water Jet Cutting creates a cut edge with minimal burring or no burr at all.
7. Water Jet Cutting only needs simple two-dimensional drawings or sketches to make your parts.
8. Water Jet Cutting doesn’t need elaborate clamping and fixturing to hold your work so your price is kept low and the turn around time is fast.
9. Water Jet Cutting can create finished parts often times eliminating the need for secondary machining.

10. Water Jet Cutting is Ideal for prototypes or large production runs.



When you are looking for Water Jet Cutting Job Services, you want a website that is going give you a quick turnaround on design, quoting, and sample/prototype making. is a manufacturer of custom engineered returnable and expendable dunnage.

Trimtec Engineered Packaging uses a fully automated propriety manufacturing process utilizing state-of-the-art computer controlled equipment which yields superior parts that can't be duplicated with any field installed application.  Whether your project involves one part or one thousand, Trimtec Engineered Packaging Water Jet Cutting Services can cut it precisely and economically.














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Published on 11/07/2013 @ 21:27  - none comment none comment - View ? Add yours ?   Preview   Print...   Top Architectural Shapes

Your commercial building could use a little jazzing up from time to time. When you don’t want to spend a ton of money, incorporating architectural shapes with Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) can be just what you have been looking for. Architectural shapes are used outside of your building to glamour up the exterior and add a touch of texture.

There are many benefits to using architectural shapes made with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam commonly referred to as * STYROFOAM™.  The first is that it is lightweight, versatile, sanitary, energy efficient and most of all cost effective. The second is that the physical properties allow for almost any universal application. Additionally, as EPS foam is a non-organic material that has no nutritional value, pests and rodents are un-attracted to the structure.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why architectural EPS foam shapes is the preferred material among architects, designers, builders and contractors.



When you are shopping for architectural EPS foam shapes, you want a website that is going to give you a large variety of custom sizes, densities and thicknesses as well as be affordable. is a manufacturer of engineered computer cut expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam applications, providing products for construction, geotechnical, packaging, and industrial. Their prices are also very competitive, allowing you to get everything you need for your project without spending a fortune.

Your design can include architectural elements such as decorative bands, quoins, corbels, cornices, arches, keystones, dentils and columns, bases and caps. The structure core can be pre-coated with a virtually impermeable coating finish. A texture coat can be added by the client to simulate various textures and finishes. The final finish can simulate a variety of material such as rock, brick, stone, wood, metal, etc.

Trimtec Systems has the design and fabrication experts to help you get the perfect look for your building.






*The term STYROFOAM commonly referred to as “blue board” and also as assorted white and green shapes used in crafts and floral designs is often refer to expanded polystyrene even though the materials are completely different.  STYROFOAM Brand Foam is 100 percent pure, extruded polystyrene foam.

STYROFOAM™ is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”).



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